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Who We Are!! The scope of our WINMAN business with I.PU Gasket Foam Machine (1.Electrical cabinet gasket machine, 2.Air filter gasket machine, 3.Junction box gasket machine 4.PU gasket dispensing machine 5.Customized Gasket Seal Solution 6.Robot Gasket Mixing System, etc.) II.Adhesive Dispensing Machine(1.Adhesive Dispensing Machine, 2.Glue dispenser machine, 3.Air filter PU Dispenser machine, 4.Glue Dispensing Machine Manufacturers, etc. )III.Polyurethane adhesive (1.Polyurethane adhesive, 2.AB Glue, 3.Two-component polyurethane, 4.Polyurethane Glue Adhesive 5.PU&am...

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