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Who We Are!!

The scope of our WINMAN business with I.PU Gasket Foam Machine (1.Electrical cabinet gasket machine, 2.Air filter gasket machine, 3.Junction box gasket machine 4.PU gasket dispensing machine 5.Customized Gasket Seal Solution 6.Robot Gasket Mixing System, etc.) II.Adhesive Dispensing Machine(1.Adhesive Dispensing Machine, 2.Glue dispenser machine, 3.Air filter PU Dispenser machine, 4.Glue Dispensing Machine Manufacturers, etc. )III.Polyurethane adhesive (1.Polyurethane adhesive, 2.AB Glue, 3.Two-component polyurethane, 4.Polyurethane Glue Adhesive 5.PU&ISO Chemical). Applications on: LV and MV Switchboards, Electric Cabinet, Air Filters, Junction box, Water-proof Case, Air Conditioning and Ventilations System, Electronics, Lightings, Lamps, Luminaire, Etc.

We own 5 teams for foreign marketing: Product Development Engineering Technology, Order processing, Supply Department, Development Planning Department Technology Provides After Sales, more than 200 working partners.

Have exported to Asia: East Asia: China, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan,
Southeast Asia: Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia,
Central Asia: Kazakhstan,
West Asia: Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Turkey,
Northern Europe: Finland, Denmark,
Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova,
Central Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria,
Western Europe: United Kingdom, Belgium, Monaco,
Southern Europe: Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal,
North Africa: Egypt, Algeria,
East Africa: Uganda,
Central Africa: Republic of Congo,
West Africa: Guinea,
South Africa: Angola,
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand,
Our sincere wish: We can work together for a better future!

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WINMAN Special Advantages!!

WINMAN Specialized in Sheet Metal Equipment’s (Press Brake Machine, Pu Gasket Machine, CNC Corner Forming Machine, Hydraulic Riveting machine, Spot Welding Machine, etc.) PU Gasket Foam Machine (Customized Gasket Seal Solution, Shorter Gasket Foam Machine, Electric Cabinet Gasket Sealing System, Robot Gasket Mixing System, etc.) Electrical Switchboard Enclosure Accessories (PU&ISO Chemical, Lockset, Pull handle, Exhaust fan, Switches, Etc.). Application on various industries: Switch Cabinets Distribution Boxes, Automotive, Filters, Air Conditioning and Ventilations System, Electronics, Lightings, Packages…

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Where Are We Locating?

Shanghai Winsun Industrial Co., ltd located in SHANGHAI city, China. Next door of the World’s biggest manufacture VOLKSWAHEN SHANGHAI branch.

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How Can We Help for Yours Business?

Supplying free installation & commission in the local area, professional after-sale serves, quick delivery time (20days), we are available online for 14hours per day, each question will get fast response within 24hours, we will help your esteemed company get the good comments from your god customers, and we are always willing to do with-win business.

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WINMAN Developing!

Over the years we have been studying and developing these industries for more than 10years. Commitment to manufacturers, system integrators, scientific research institutions, and other users, to provide advanced sheet metal fabricate integrated technology overall design, services, and solutions. Building an intelligent manufacturing system enhances customer competitiveness ahead of this time. Our sincere wish: We can work together for a better future!

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