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About WINMAN products you may interest in


The scope of our WINMAN business with Sheet Metal Equipment’s (Press Brake Machine, Pu Gasket Machine, CNC Corner Forming Machine, Hydraulic Riveting machine, Spot Welding Machine, etc.) PU Gasket Foam Machine (Customized Gasket Seal Solution, Shorter Gasket Foam Machine, Electric Cabinet Gasket Sealing System, Robot Gasket Mixing System, etc.) Electrical Switchboard Enclosure Accessories (PU&ISO Chemical, Lockset, Pull handle, Exhaust fan, Switches, Etc.). Applications on various industries: Switch Cabinets Distribution Boxes, Automotive, Filters, Air Conditioning and Ventilations System, Electronics, Lightings, Packages…

Please see the attached catalog, or you can download it from the website: https://www.shwinman.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/WINMAN-Catalogue.pdf

Pu foam Gasket Machine, The technology replaces the traditional method of tape affixed, and the surface crust uniform and excellent flexibility, this new technology can be widely used for products and parts of Electric cabinet, Switch Cabinets Distribution Boxes, Automotive, Filters, Air Conditioning and Ventilations System, Electronics, Lightings …, building materials and other industries, where need to be sealed.

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Our Latest newest upgrade WM-601 PU Gasket machine you may interest in, any problems, please let us know soon.

Video link: https://youtu.be/20lFrJBYIOs

The Newest Improved Features:
1. The 2021 latest upgrade system, PC operation with WIFI, direct execution of 2D&3D products, No longer need USB transfer and
Unlimited storage of application product files.
2. Lengthen and widen the traversing size to X2300mm*Y1350mm*Z200mm, thicken and increase the material of the machine structure
And table.
3. Gear rack replaced the traditional Synchronous belt, now it runs smoother, faster, and has less noise.

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Special advantages:
1.Independent development programming (software part) combine ABB/NEC hardware parts!
2.Adopts 6-7 Japan PANASONIC servo motors, customized Germany BARMAG metering pump, 15years usage life;
3. Germany customized BARMAG metering pump! High precision spray amount quantitative, Gasket width from 5-30mm adjustable;
4.No need air condition room,-15°C-45°C automatically temperature conform on PC by WIFI, 0.4kw match well with the development control system;
5.Suitable for any kind of brand’s raw material (SONDERHOFF / DOW / RAMPF / BASF…);
6. At least 400meter for once time water or solvent cleaning! Improve the work efficiency;
7.4KW power consumption save your cost, avoid power outages;
8.ABB molds and Chips as the core for controller system PC with WIFI operation system;
9.With FOAM E/SASO/CE/ISO9001/ROHS certification;
10.SMC/OMRON/SCHNEIDER…famous brands of main configurations, We write software by ourselves, no need help by other company, programming flexible for production line;

We are selling for both the PU foam gasket machine & AB chemical glue, Polyether CAS No. 9003-11-6, Isocyanate CAS No. 9016-87-9
https://www.shwinman.com/product/two-component-polyurethane-foam/      AB glue

We cooperated with many famous brands, such as SCHNEIDER, GE, RITTAL, SIEMENS, VOLKSWAGEN, FORD, and CARRIER air-condition, BOSCH, AMADA laser machine, TRUMPF, HAN’S laser …

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