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Glue Dispenser Machine

What’s called the Glue dispenser machine?

Two-component Automatic High-precision AB glue epoxy adhesive resin dispensing machine automatic glue dispenser filling machine.

Scope of application: Mainly widely used in the automotive electronics industry, LED industry, handicraft industry. Particularly suitable for filters in the automotive industry, suitable for high-efficiency potting of 1:1 epoxy resin or 6:1 polyurethane; it has also been widely used in other industries.

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Product Features:

II. The Newest Improved Features of Glue dispenser machine
1. Support the selection of different liquids for simultaneous dispensing and improve work efficiency.
2. The set can be connected to a variety of needles, the Glue dispenser machine work is accurate, and no glue is wasted.
3. Precision-made materials are precision-machined for high wear resistance and long service life.
4. Pressure tanks of WINMAN Glue dispenser machine come in a variety of capacities and are customizable to meet a variety of needs.
5. Includes the tools need to do the dispensing work, more cost-effective to buy together.

Product Parameters:

III. Glue dispenser machine Parameters:

Model WM-601MN Ratio precision ±2%
Overall size L80*W60*H143CM Meter precision ±2%
Overall weight 100KG Spray precision ±2%
Tank Volume A tank 10L/B tank5L Glue spray speed 1g/s-9.99g/s Adjustable
Clean tank 1L Glue ratio 3:1-5:1
Work Voltage Per country Spray out speed 0.5-15g/s
Machine Power 1000w Control way PLC touch screen
Air pressure 0.5-0.6mpa Glue Feed way Gear pump/Screw pump
Move way Carrige wheel Meter way Gear pump/Screw pump
Work Temperature 5-40℃ Mixing way Electrical stir valve+dynamic mix pip
Work Humidity 20-90% Delivery way non-fumigation wooden box

Application and After-Sales Service:

Glue dispenser machine can be applied to the following areas:
1. Electro-acoustic industry: speakers, buzzers, audio, headphones
2. Small transformers, SMD transformers, relays, small coil motors.
3. Communications industry: the phone keypad, mobile phone casing bonding, radio, telephone, fax
4. Computers, digital products, digital elephant machine, MP3, MP4, electronic toys, chassis bonding
5. Switches, connectors, wire, plug cable,Glue dispenser machine.
6. Electronics: electronic components, integrated circuits, circuit board solder paste, electronic parts fixed and dust and moisture protection, LCD liquid crystal screen, etc.
7. Optics: optical lenses, bald, head
8. Mechanical Hardware
9. Battery Box Sealed
10. Trademarks fixed bond
11. LED industry, widely used in LED industry, LED dispenser

After sale serves for Glue dispenser machine:

1. Country of original: Shanghai city, China.
2. Available approvals: ©CE ™ROSH ™ISO9001
3. Availability of Samples: Free making samples, the freight on their own.
4. Warranty period: 1 year 12 months limited warranty from the date of acceptance after the buyers’ technician’s installation in place! Both for the software & hardware 1-year warranty.
5. Spare parts are available for 12months after the last order of all our terms. These spare parts are used for maintenance purposes at your factory only.
6. Manual book:We will send the digital manual with product photo/line drawing in high resolution, English language.
7. Installation & commission: Free cost of the Remote online instruction or installation in buyer’s factory place, buyers responsible for the flight tickets back & forth, and board & lodging fee. <=3days. One person.
8. Optional machine parts: one set
9. Sales agreement: one piece.
10.Videos links:
Official website:

1. Spare parts of Glue dispenser machine:

No. Spare parts Diagram No. Model Price Replacement cycle
1 seal o-ring L02-32T L02-32T 25$/pc 3month
2 seal unit L02-32T L02-32T 30$/pc 3 month
3 mixing pipe RM12/26 RM12/26 8$/pc 3 month
4 Gear pump MY-601 MY-601 450$/pc 36+ month
Except these quick-wear parts, any other spare parts on our machine with any broken problem , all free to be fixed & replaced by WINMAN within warranty period ! Such as meter pump / Motor /Tanks / System…

2. The main process of this Glue dispenser machine being produced:

We WINMAN all produce Glue dispenser machine by our own manufacturing, for mixer cavity head, machine cabinet control system, machine structure body, AB chemical drums, Working table, chemical PU auto feeding…

glue dispenser machine 7
Glue dispenser machine working process:

One person for the monitoring, Glue dispenser machine could automatically run, cleaning, stops…any shapes of multiple dimension products could be carried out directly.

glue dispenser machine 8

glue dispenser machine 9

3. AB polyurethane consumables:

1. AB two components, A (Polyurethane), B (Isocyanate)
2. AB ratio could be 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 7:1…output quantity 10g/s.
3. Curing time 10-15minutes, Assemble time suggest 1hour
4. 1kg raw chemical cost about 2$-5$, less than 0.02USD per kg for whole cost.
5. Machine can work continuously for 40 square meters length without stop
6. Recommend material brand: WINMAN / WELLGO / Basf / Dow / Rampf / Sonderhoff
7. within 10-100000mps viscosity material all allowing (Silicon / Loctite glue/ Pelseal /PU)

glue dispenser machine 10

glue dispenser machine 11

glue dispenser machine 12
4. Production line of Glue dispenser machine:

For Whole Air filter Glue dispenser machine Assembly Line, it includes 2kinds of the machine, AB Glue Potting Machine, and Robot PU Foam Gasket Machine.
1: The entire assembly line requires 2-3 operators;
2: One operator is responsible for product feeding, one operator is responsible for product appearance confirmation and product guide strip installation, and one operator is responsible for finished product unloading and collection guide strip.
For whole line configurations, accessories, running methods, we all accept customization.

glue dispenser machine 13

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    • Address:No. 1565, Hejing Road, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, China
    • Mobile:+8615618818022
    • E-mail:[email protected]
    • Tel:021-61984691

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