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How To Choose A Probable PU Foam Machine For Your Products?


PU Foam Gasket Machine, takes place the traditional manually stick adhesive strips, automatically spraying gasket for Switch Cabinets Distribution Boxes, Lighting, Enclosures, Air filters, Automotive, Lamps, ABB Water-proof box…

Highest speed, the most precision operation, increase production capacity, long service life, save labor and material costs. Make your factory more automated; increase your sales and industry visibility.

In China, we called this machine as FIPFG machine, PU Foam Gasket Machine, Strip sealing machine, Foam Sealing Machine, PU gasket dispensing machine, Gasket making machine, Foam in place gasket machine, Gasket Sealing Machine, Quality Foam Sealing Machine, Foam Sealing Machine supplier, PU foam dispensing machine, Strip feeding foaming machine, gasket sealing machine, PU injection machine…

This machine mainly composed of several parts with 1.Electrical cabinet (control system with PC operate), 2.Mixing cavity head, 3.Machine body structure (XYZ transmission), 4.Chemical drums (AB two components), 5.Working table, 6.Auto feeding (20kg A chemical).

how to choose a probable pu foam machine for your products

It is different from the AB glue potting machine, Gasket Foam Machine it has very strict requirements for the AB two components mixing system, PU (Polyurethane) and Iso (Isocyanate). Firstly, for the foam glue, the viscosity is about Tens of thousands of Maps, generally 20000Mpas-60000Mpas of A, ratio 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 7:1; For the ordinary AB glue, the viscosity is about several thousand Maps, ratio generally 1:1, 2:1, no foam.

Pu Foam Gasket Machine mainly for sealing, water-proof, IP67, IP68… Application on: Electrical cabinet, Electric Switchboards, Electrical Control Panels, Electrical Distribution Boards, Electrical Enclosures, Anti-explosion box, Auto fittings mountings, Automobile mountings, the Automobile battery cover, Automobile inner door handle, Led lighting, lifting jack, Mitsubishi water-proof box, Percolator filter, plastic cabinet, Plastic water-proof box, Lamp cover, Locks shell, Purification room door, Refrigerator door, Transformer protect cover, Street lighting, Water-proof cabinet, Water-proof cabinet, Waterproof box, Transparent box, Air cleaning filter, ABS Enclosure Junction Box, ventilation cover, Explosion-proof light, Outdoor Lights, Street lighting, Stadium lighting, Brake lights, LED luminaire, Lighting fitting, Transformer protect cover, Plastic water-proof box…

AB glue potting machine, mainly for bonding, adhesion…, no IP standard. Very widely application range:
1) Electroacoustic industry: speakers, horns, stereos, buzzers, headphones mp3/mp4;
2) Communication industry: mobile phone shell bonding, mobile phone buttons, telephones, fax machines, walkie-talkies;
3) LED industry: LED bulbs, point light sources, light strips;
4) Inductance industry: SMD transformers, small transformers, inductor coils, small coil motors, relays;
5) Electronic industry: integrated circuits, electronic components, fixed electronic parts, solder paste on circuit boards, LCD screens;
6) Optical industry: optical lens, bald, magnetic head;
7) Wire industry: switch, wire, connector, plug connection line;
8) Handicraft industry: stickers, signs, labels, stickers;
9) Clothing industry: buttons, keychains, underwear buttons, pendants, chains, socks.

The main products are: automatic glue filling machine, double liquid glue filling machine, AB glue filling machine, epoxy resin filling machine, vacuum filling machine, automatic dispensing machine, desktop dispensing machine, vertical dispensing machine, Double Y-axis dispensing machine, four-axis dispensing machine, automatic identification dispensing machine, horizontal multi-joint manipulator, circular dispensing machine, thread gluing machine, online spraying glue machine, dispensing accessories and consumables, non-standard automation equipment And various industrial robots for dispensing glue.

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