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Polyurethane Glue Adhesive

Two-component polyurethane various functions have been required in these coating applications. For example, the chemical resistance of coatings to cosmetics, sunscreens, and repellents has gained special attention in recent years. It is well known that certain chemicals in additives such as UV absorbers affect the quality of PU coatings. Conventional 2K PU coatings based on acrylic-urethane resins are not always sufficient to prevent the swelling or peeling caused by the chemical attack.

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Product Details:

I. Material Name:Two-component polyurethane
We Two-component polyurethane material manufacturers are also adapting to the increasing digitization and automation of production processes. Sealing foams, adhesives, and casting compounds need to be processed more and more quickly today. The overall cycle times for handling, metering, and application are continuously optimized.

Product Features:

II. The Newest Improved Features of Two component polyurethane
Two component polyurethane including PU and Iso, are the processing of highly reactive materials that requires a high level of accuracy, reliability, and precision.

PU Gasket Foam Machine it has very strict requirements for the AB Two component polyurethane mixing system, PU (Polyurethane) and Iso (Isocyanate). It is the foam glue, the viscosity it is about Tens of thousands Mpas, generally 20000Mpas-60000Mpas of A, ratio 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 7:1, with foam.

AB Adhesive Dispensing Machine, widely usage for the Two component polyurethane, ordinary viscosity it is about several thousand Mpas, AB mixing ratio generally 1:1, 2:1, no foam.

Product Parameters:

III. Two component polyurethane Parameters:

Application area* Viscosity


Hardness      Shore 00 Density              g/cm3 Other properties*
Lighting 900- 1.200 30- 45 0,30-0,40 self-levelling, high tightness, very good

compression set

Lighting 1.000- 1.600 30- 45 0,20-0,40 spec. product for moisture-proof luminaires,

good levelling

Enclosures 45.000- 65.000 45- 55 0,25-0,30 UL-50 listed and good adhesion to paint
Enclosures 37.000- 52.000 35- 50 0,25-0,35 UL-50 and UL-94 HBF listed
Enclosures 40.000- 50.000 55- 65 0,30-0,40 UL-50 listed, hydrophobic, good compression set/

adhesion to paint

Enclosures 18.000- 22.000 43- 53 0,20- 0,30 high mech. strength, low friction, optimized

against shear stress

Enclosures 38.000- 50.000 25- 40 0,20- 0,30 ultra soft, UL-50 listed, good adhesion to paint
Enclosures 2.000- 4.000 40- 50 0,22-0,40 special product for high-pressure dispensing


Filters 50.000- 65.000 50- 60 0,20- 0,30 antimicrobial, qualified for air conditioning plants
Filters 58.000- 68.000 45-57 0,25-0,40 for inverse height/width ratio
Filters 800- 2.000 40- 50 0,20-0,35 for smallest groove applications (2 mm)
Automotive 1.000-2.500 35-75 0,25-0,50 high tightness, hydrophobic, extremely good

compression set

Automotive 40.000- 60.000 20- 30 0,15-0,30 very soft, low assembly force
Automotive 130.000- 200.000 35- 45 0,25-0,40 product for upside-down application, high mech.

strength, hydrophobic

Automotive 1.500-2.500 45- 55 0,35-0,60 special product for high-pressure dispensing machines
Automotive 53.000- 65.000 50- 65 0,35-0,50 high tightness, hydrophobic, extremely good

compression set

Automotive 45.000- 60.000 20- 35 0,20- 0,30 high tightness, low assembly force and high mechanical


Automotive 35.000- 45.000 40- 70 0,30- 0,50 good adhesion to galvanized surfaces, hydrophobic
Automotive 1.000- 1.500 40- 70 0,30- 0,50 special component for automotive lighting products
Automotive 1.000- 1.500 60- 70 0,35-0,50 low emission, approved according to VW50180,


Packaging 1.800-2.700 60- 75 0,30 -0,40 highly elastic, for highest tightness requirements,

good compression set

Packaging 7.000- 15.000 55- 75 0,30-0,40 good cost performance ratio, good compression set
Packaging 5.000- 8.000 60- 75 0,25-0,40 approved for food packaging
Appliances 60.000 – 80.000 07-  30 0,15-0,35 hypersoft, for use at ceramic stove tops
Application area* Viscosity m.Pas Hardness      Shore 00 Density              g/cm3 Other properties*

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application products of Two component polyurethane:

HVAC Air filter, HEPA air filter, Auto spare parts, Anti-explosion box, Auto fittings mountings, Automobile mountings, the Automobile battery cover, Automobile inner door handle, Led lighting, lifting jack, Mitsubishi water-proof box, Percolator filter, plastic cabinet, Plastic water-proof box, Lamp cover, Locks shell, Purification room door, Refrigerator door, Transformer protect cover, Street lighting, Water-proof cabinet, Water-proof cabinet, Waterproof box, Transparent box, Air cleaning filter, ABS Enclosure Junction Box, Electric Switchboards, Electrical Control Panels, Electrical Distribution Boards, Electrical Enclosures, ventilation cover, Explosion-proof light, Outdoor Lights, Street lighting, Stadium lighting, Brake lights, LED luminaire, Lighting fitting, Transformer protect cover, Plastic water-proof box…

After sale serves for Two component polyurethane:

1. Country of original: Shanghai city, China.
2. Available approvals: ©CE ™ROSH ™ISO9001
3. Availability of Samples: Free making samples, the freight on their own.
4. Warranty period: 1 year 12 months limited warranty from the date of acceptance after the buyers’ technician’s installation in place! Both for the software & hardware 1-year warranty.
5. Spare parts are available for 12months after the last order of all our terms. These spare parts are used for maintenance purposes at your factory only.
6. Manual book:We will send the digital manual with product photo/line drawing in high resolution, English language.
7. Usage of Two-component polyurethane:Clean the AB tank when a change to a new type of Two-component polyurethane.
8. Optional machine parts: one set
9. Sales agreement: one piece.
10.Videos links:
Official website:

1. PROCESSING INFORMATIONS of Two component polyurethane:

WM2019-15 series Two-component polyurethane are processed using two-component mixing and metering machines. The recommended processing temperature is + 23 ± 5 °C. Most of the WM2019-15 components can be stored in the original packaging and for at least 12 months at temperatures between – 10 and + 40 °C.

2. THE FOAMING PROCESS of Two component polyurethane:

Ø Mixing time: is the time period in which the A and B components are mixed.
Ø Reaction time: is the time period in which the glue foam system begins to react (afterapprox.15-60seconds*).
Ø Rise time: is the time period in which the glue foam system expands to form the seal body (after approx.15-180seconds*).
Ø Tack-free time: is the time after which the sealing surface of the glue foaming system is tack-free at room temperature and can be touched without causing damage (after approx. 2-20minute*).
Ø Assembly time: is the time point after which glue foaming systems can bear loads or the sealed components can be assembled (after approximately 20minuts-12hours*).

two component polyurethane 7

3. Two component polyurethane consumables:

1. AB two components, A (Polyurethane), B (Isocyanate)
2. AB ratio could be 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 7:1…output quantity 10g/s.
3. Curing time 10-15minutes, Assemble time suggest 1hour
4. 1kg raw chemical cost about 2$-5$, less than 0.02USD per kg for the whole cost.
5. Machine can work continuously for 40 square meters length without stop
6. Recommend Two component polyurethane material brand: WINMAN / WELLGO / Basf / Dow / Rampf / Sonderhoff
7. Within 10-100000mps viscosity material all allowing (Silicon / Loctite glue/ Pelseal /PU)

two component polyurethane 8

two component polyurethane 9

two component polyurethane 10

4. Production line of Two component polyurethane:

For both the Two-component polyurethane dispensing Machine and Robot Two-component polyurethane Foam Gasket Machine.
1: The entire assembly line requires 2-3 operators;
2: One operator is responsible for product feeding, one operator is responsible for product appearance confirmation and product guide strip installation, and one operator is responsible for finished product unloading and collection guide strip.
For whole line configurations, accessories, running methods, we all accept customization.

two component polyurethane 11

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