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  • Electrical Cabinet Gasket Machine

    Product Details: The Electrical Cabinet Gasket Machine is adapted for a polyurethane gasket sealing operation on a flat surface. Polyurethane is a two-component material and is produced by mixing polyol (component A) and isocyanate (component B). In polyurethane dispensing system A and B components are metered, mixed, and dispensed into a groov...
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  • Air filter PU Gasket Machine

    Product Details: The Air Filter Gasket Machine has an environmentally friendly recirculating cleaning system, is used with a biodegradable cleaning agent. The cleaning agent is filtered and waste particles are separated. Rejuvenated cleaning agent recycled and used over and over again. No methylene chloride, no contaminated water is discharged....
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  • Junction Box Gasket Machine

    Product details: Junction box gasket machine, automatic PU sealing foaming machine. The equipment is suitable for the raw material of polyurethane, the system has intelligent operation simulation function, equipped with the hand-held operator, easy to use; Automatically generate graphics, support U disk export graphics. Product features: 1.It ...
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  • Pu Gasket Dispensing Machine

    Product Details: Main Features of CNC PU gasket dispensing machine 1) Intelligent operation simulation, fast speed. 2) High efficiency, save labor, time, and effort. 3) Low raw material cost. 4) Good resilience, no joint. 5) Smooth turn, not easy to fall off, beautiful. Product Features: Special advantages of WINMAN PU gasket dispensing machin...
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  • Adhesive Dispensing Machine

    Product Details: Scope of Adhesive Dispensing Machine application: Mainly widely used in the automotive electronics industry, LED industry, handicraft industry. Particularly suitable for filters in the automotive industry, Adhesive Dispensing Machine suitable for high-efficiency potting of 1:1 epoxy resin or 6:1 polyurethane; it has also been w...
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  • Glue Dispenser Machine

    Product Features: II. The Newest Improved Features of Glue dispenser machine 1. Support the selection of different liquids for simultaneous dispensing and improve work efficiency. 2. The set can be connected to a variety of needles, the Glue dispenser machine work is accurate, and no glue is wasted. 3. Precision-made materials are precision-mac...
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